Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video: Cyril Devouge plays Roland White's Tune

Our friend Jimmy Allen from New Jersey was introduced to Gaspesian fiddling through Brigid's brother, Anthony Drody who moved to New Jersey a while back. Jimmy began going to the Pembroke Fiddle and Step-Dance Festival in the late 1980's and 90's and made recordings and videos of many of the great Gaspesian players who hang out at the legendary blue Gaspé tent.

Here is a video Jimmy has recently converted off an old tape and posted on Youtube. In this clip, Cyril and Brigid are playing Roland White's Tune that we recently posted.

Check out Cyril's graceful bowing and double-time footwork. This is the first time I've actually seen Cyril's bowing as he hasn't been able to play since before I met him. Needless to say, I have a lot of studying ahead of me with Jimmy's videos.

Keep and eye out on Jimmy's Youtube channel for more videos of great Gaspesian fiddlers and step-dancers.

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