Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

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This pages is intended as a quick reference to the tunes we add to the blog. Now when you come back to the blog you can listen to all the tunes featured so far in a single location. Every time we add a posting on a tune, we will try to add it here. If we forget, let us know.

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Arty Savidant's Tune (Cyril, Glenn, Brian, Brigid, Neil MacKay)*
Arty Savidant's Tune (Glenn, Brigid, Michel, Gary)*

Reel de Bellechasse
The Blindman's Reel
Blindman's Reel (Glenn - fiddle, Brian - mandolin)
The Blue Shannon
The Bois-Brulé Jig
Reel du boulanger (Brian and Glenn - Two Guitars: from Isidore Soucy)
Brandy in G

The Caribou Reel (learned from Andy Dejarlis)
The Cockawee (Cambridge 1983)
The Coleman Reel 
Crossing the Old Bridge (Eddie Arsenault tune played by Cyril DeVouge)*

The Devil's Dream (Version 1 at Manny's Place)
The Devil's Dream (Version 2 at Manny's Place)
The Devil's Dream (Version 1 from 1990)
Medley: The Donna Reel & Uncle Peter's Tune (Glenn - fiddle, Brian - guitar) 
The Drops of Brandy

Reel des Eskimos
Eva's Tune
Eva's Tune (Glenn Patterson and Brigid Drody)*

Father Morris' Tune
Fat Molasses
Footloose in February (Home field recording of Glenn Patterson by Glenn Patterson)* 
Frank Miller's Hornpipe

The Gaspe Party (Written by Neil MacKay, Played by Glenn Patterson)*
The Golden Wedding Reel (1960s)
The Golden Wedding Reel (1984)
La Grande Rouge (1990)
La Grande Rouge (1980s)
The Grandmother's Reel (late 1960s)
The Grandmother's Reel (same session as above)

Untitled Harmonica Tune
The Harvest Home
Reel de l'Hôtelier

Medley: Unknown Reel & The Irish Jig (Glenn - fiddle, Brian - mandolin) J:
Joe Drody's Jig (1990)
Joe Drody's Tune (1983)

The Keel Row (1978)

Leona DeVouge's Waltz (Written by Glenn Patterson; Played by Glenn Patterson & Brigid Drody)*
Leslie DeVouge's Tune (Cyril DeVouge)*
Listen to the Mockinbird (Brian Morris & Brigid Drody)*
The Little Boy's Reel (1990)
Lord MacDonald's Reel in the key of D, Fiddle tuned ADAE (1983)

Miss Oliver Morris' Reel (1980s)
Miss Oliver Morris' Reel aka The Pride of Quebec (1978)
The Mountain Reel
The Murphy Reel (1978 Recording)
The Murphy Reel (1984 Morris Family Reunion)

The Ottawa Valley Jig
One of Fred Kennedy's (see also "Pearl of the Coast")

Pat Feeney's Reel (1978)
Pat Feeney's Reel and Saint Anne's Reel
Pearl of the Coast (1960s - see also "One of Fred Kennedy's")
Reel du pecheur (Fisherman's Reel)
Reel du pêcheur (Two Guitars: from Joseph Allard)
La Polka Piquée (learned from Isidore Soucy)
The President's Reel (learned from Isidore Soucy)

The Queen's Reel in the 1960s (AEAC# Tuning)
The Queen's Reel from February 1978 (AEAE Tuning)
The Queen's Reel from the 1990 Tape (AEAE Tuning)
The Queen's Reel with Stepdancers (Possibly Erskine, AEAC# Tuning)

Roland White's Tune (Cyril DeVouge)*

Sailor's Hornpipe (1960s)
Six Hundred Miles of Music (Audio Documentary by Glenn Patterson for StoryNet 2013)*
The Spruce Knot (1980s)
The Spruce Knot (1960's)

Tommy Rooney's Jig (1984)
Tom Rooney's Jig (Reel-to-Reel 1960s)
Tommy Rooney's Jig (Unidentified Douglastown fiddler)
Tune from the North Coast of the Gaspé (1978)
Tune from the North Coast of the Gaspé (1960's Reel-to-Reel)

Uncle Peter's Tune (Erskine Morris)
Uncle Peter's Tune (Kingsley Marion)
Untitled (Pearl of the Coast)
Untitled (MiracleMart Tape Track 1)
Untitled (MiracleMart Tape Track 16)

The Veteran's Reel (learned from Don Messer)