Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

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  1. Hi Glenn and Brian
    I would like to add a link to your site on Erskine's music to his name on "Our Gaspé Roots'.........
    Also I would like to have more of your family information to add to your family line, including date/place of your Dad's death/burial, etc.
    Many thanks
    Lani Baker Mitchell. You can message me thru' the Gaspé Roots site

  2. Lani, it would be a pleasure to have a link from your site. I can't tell you how many times I've used the OurGaspeRoots page in my academic research and general interest. What an astounding job you and Aldo have done. Utterly irreplaceable.

    Brian can help you with the dates. Send us an email at the link on the right of our page.


  3. Dear Mr. Morris and Mr. Patterson,
    The Quebecois Study Jam of Maine is a group of amateur musicians, mostly fiddlers, interested in the traditional fiddle music of Quebec. We have a private blog (password access) for the use of our group. Among other things, the site contains lists of resources for those interested in learning more about Quebecois fiddlers and the traditional fiddle repertoire, etc. As the primary author of our site, I would like to add a link to your Erskine Morris site because I know our members will be interested in him, his history and his tunes. May I do that? I will check back here for a reply, as I couldn't find any way to email you directly. Thank you, Nancy Terrell Hall

    1. Hi Mme Hall,

      It would be our absolute pleasure to have our blog linked to your site. We hope your group can learn something about the rich fiddle traditions of the Gaspé coast. Feel free to email or leave a comment with any questions.

    2. Merci! Several of us were introduced to the music of Erskine Morris--indeed, his very existence--during our recent attendance at Camp Violon Trad, where André Brunet taught a reel from M. Morris's repertoire. During the long ride home, one of us found your Web site and so we learned a bit about his life and tunes. We look forward to continuing our studies in this direction. NTH

    3. We're so glad that André taught one of Erskine's tunes and helped spread this great music. Let us know if you have any questions in future.