Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Gaspé Fiddle @ 10 Livestream - Available Online

For those of you who didn't manage to tune in to our 10th anniversary party, we had a wonderful afternoon filled with impassioned performances and touching commentary and testimony. The video can be viewed on the public Facebook page (i.e. you don't need a Facebook account to view it) of a project I'm currently running for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network. 

Here is the link.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the performers and community members who contributed their time, music, and insights to make this event possible. As well, Vision Gaspé-Percé Now and the Douglas Community Centre; my co-host Laura Risk at University of Toronto for all her help organizing the performers and emceeing with me; Norma McDonald, Gordie and Ernest Drody; and the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network and Canadian Heritage for their financial support.

The performances were as follows:


Glenn Patterson & Brian Morris 

  • Fat Molasses
  • Pearl of the Coast & Fred Kennedy's Tune
  • Roland White's Tune & The Donna Reel


Guy Bouchard et ses amis

  • North Shore of Gaspé; 
  • Laura's Breakdown& Holly's Reel
  • Video: Dance Documentary Teaser


France Dupuis: The Making of Airs-Mémoire (Slideshow with Music)

  • Reel des Colons de Charlie Drody
  • Anthony Drody's Tune & Father Morris' Tune


Norma McDonald: Oral History Interview & Archival Music

  • The Broken Wedding Ring (Norma McDonald)
  • The Road to Boston (Erskine Morris)
  • Mockingbird Hill (Norma McDonald & Glenn Patterson)


Stéphanie Lépine

  • The Bois-Brulé Jig


André Brunet

  • The Little Boy's Reel


Robin Servant: 

  • Erskine Morris' Grondeuse
  • Leslie Devouge's Tune
  • Piss and Keep the Hair Dry (Reggie Rooney's Tune)


Tribute to the Drody Family: Archival Video

  • Joe Drody's Jig (Joseph, Anthony, & Brigid Drody; Laura Risk; Glenn Patterson; Brian Morris)
  • Money Musk (Joseph Drody & Laura Risk; Brigid Drody and Brian Morris; Debbie Sams)
  • The Old Man and Old Woman (Joseph, Brigid, Anthony, and Justin Drody)
  • Tommy Rooney's Jig (Anthony and MaryEllen Drody)
  • The Old Man and the Old Woman (Johnny, Anthony, Brigid, MaryEllen Drody)
  • Rambler's Hornpipe (Johnny, Anthony, Brigid, and MaryEllen Drody)


Lisa Ornstein:

  • Murphy Reel
  • Grandmother's Reel
  • Tommy Rooney's Jig


Ernest Drody: Oral History Interview & Archival Music

  • Silver and Gold Two-Step (Ernest Drody and Glenn Patterson)
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Charlie Drody)
  • The Cockawee (Ernest Drody and Glenn Patterson)


Alexis Chartrand: 

  • Eva Drody's Tune (Erskine Morris' version)


Paul Fackler: Transcription Project, Discussion and Tunes

  • Belle Kathleen
  • Comparison of Interpretations: The Indian Reel (Soucy, Allard, Devouge, Morris)
  • Mouth of the Tobique


Martin Aucoin:

  • The Cockawee
  • Shannon Reel
  • Erskine Morris' Devil's Dream #2


Pascal Gemme:

  • Reel des Colons de Charlie Drody & The Bois-Brulé Jig


Pria Schwall-Kearney: 

  • Tommy Rooney's Jig


Laura Risk:

  • Father Morris' Tune
  • The Rocky Road to Dublin