Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Erskine Morris (1913 – 1997)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Pictures

Here are some wonderful pictures of Erskine throughout his life that I got from Brian this past weekend.

Here is one of Erskine, his brother-in-law Bert (with the tropical guitar!), and an unknown character taken about 1945, probably just after the Second World War:

Bert also played fiddle and was a veteran from the Royal Canadian Navy, having served in World War 2. A friend of ours, Bridget Drody from Douglastown, believes the unknown character is either Lorne or Reggie Rooney, two brothers.

Here is one or Erskine and his wife, Kyra Grant, taken around the same time:

This one is Erskine playing at a relative's house, probably in the mid 1960's:

Finally, here is a great picture of Erskine playing at the Wakeham-York Homecoming Festival in July, 1984:

Notice his bow is angled with the stick facing inwards as opposed to the conventional practice of facing outwards. I believe Erskine's strong tone is perhaps in part attributed to this. I fooled around with this angle and it tends to get more hairs pulling at the strings

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